Mumbai, India – 2013
Designer with 212box
Christian Louboutin Mumbai


As it descends to the ground floor of the boutique, the stair’s tight spiral appears to unwind as it is freed from its opening in the floor above.  To emphasize the illusion of unraveling, the steel stringers and railing band that comprise  the spiraling structure deform in both plan and section from their initial points of alignment.  In plan, the stair transitions from perfect circle to a biased oval as the outer stringer projects into the boutique.  As horizontal space is gained, the central column has room to unroll as it appear to loosen into an open stringer.  The  steel band that supports the handrail follows an even greater biased trajectory, while handrail peels off from alignment with this band to further establish the image of the stair’s coming undone.

Work on the stair included concept and design development through digital modeling using Rhino and Grasshopper, production of three dimensional diagrams and construction documents, including all plans, sections, and details and review/revisions of shop drawings.