New York, NY – 2013

Designer with 212box

Louboutin at Saks 5th Ave NY

Taking inspiration from the Art Deco elements that adorn the retail spaces of Fifth Ave in New York, a custom pattern was developed for Louboutin’s new concession within Saks Fifth Ave.  The pattern was developed to be superimposed onto the customary three-dimensional diamond tile pattern that 212box developed for the Louboutin brand, here hand carved by craftsmen in India from solid teak.  In this unique application, stylized Art Deco forms are cropped into nine unique tiles that can be rotated and sequenced to form variety of congruencies and discontinuities, applying a Cubism-esque operation to the more repetitive and symmetrical nature of Art Deco.  Points of continuity were established across several tiles and stylized forms of curves and lines were drawn within the square perimeter of each different tile, allowing for multiple possibilities of recreating continuous forms upon rearrangement.  These two dimensional patterns were then projected onto a 3D model of the Louboutin convex and concave diamond pattern tiles.  Diagrams taken from 3D models of the different tiles were sent to fabricators in India to easily communicated design intent.  A system of coding and layout of a repeatable pattern was developed for meticulous installation on site.  As shown in the coded elevation, the repeated pattern is maintained toward the top of the display wall, but breaks down into random arrangement towards the floor