New York, NY 2015

Designer with 212Box


A steel screen system gives new height and texture to a diminutive row of storefronts on Madison Ave while providing a unique branded surface to retail occupants.  The project meets the needs of both the building owner who sought to increase the value of retail lease spaces and our standing client Christian Louboutin who occupies the last two retail spaces on the north end of the building.  By absorbing an existing second story setback railing into the scope of work, almost four feet of height was gained across the length of storefronts, increasing the retail frontage on the avenue.  To maintain street views for the second story residences while maintaining the appearance as a single surface, the degree of aperture across the facade panels is altered gradually both through increasing the size of apertures, and by rotating taps which span these apertures at varying degrees as shown in the prototype images above.

Photo Credit: Nick Rochowski